What Is a Half-Hourly Meter and What Are The Benefits

What Is a Half-Hourly Meter and How Does It Work?

Reading your energy meters and supplying the readings to energy suppliers can be a pain for homeowners, when relating to business, this problem can be multiplied tenfold for owners with large commercial properties! Half-hourly meters can help to reduce the hassle involved in supplying meter readings for businesses. Here, we provide you with information on what a half-hourly meter is and what the benefits of them are.

A half-hourly meter is a type of electricity meter which provides a more accurate reading to analyse your electricity usage. Using automatic meter reading (AMR) technology, half-hourly meters send updated meter readings to the electricity supplier twice an hour. This helps to provide a clearer picture of energy usage for a business and provides a more accurate template for predicting future usage

Benefits of a Half-Hourly Meter

More Accurate Billing Information

First and foremost, a half-hourly meter provides much more accurate consumption information, which leads to more accurate bills! Most suppliers will have to estimate usage and supply a bill which may not be as accurate as possible, which is not an issue with a half-hourly meter.

Less Hassle Involved

If you work in a large commercial building, the last thing you will want to do is to have to manually provide your energy suppliers with meter readings! Half-hourly meters are automated and supply the relevant information to suppliers without any input from you. This can save you valuable time and hassle.

Better Chance To Improve Energy-Efficiency

With more accurate information on your electricity consumption, it’s easier to make energy savings where appropriate. By knowing exactly what you’re using every month, you can analyse and assess where further savings can be made.


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