Ofgem Launches Central Switching Service

What is the Ofgem Switching Programme?

To enable a greater degree of competitiveness in the energy market and maximise consumer benefits, Ofgem has provided a new energy service switching model that removes a number of complexities, making it easier to change energy providers.

Also referred to as a Central Switching Service the new switching programme launched by Ofgem on 18th July 2022 is the first switching overhaul since 1990. Before the introduction of the new switching scheme, the process was incredibly complex for energy suppliers and led to delays, errors and costs which usually landed on the doorstep of consumers.

The Switching Programme has been created to improve consumers’ experience when changing energy providers. It is thought by Ofgem that  offering a faster and more reliable switching process, will lead to an increased engagement with the retail energy market.

What Are the Benefits of the Centralised Switching Service?

Before the changes, it could take up to four weeks for customers to switch energy suppliers, and consumers found the process too slow and complex. With the launch of the new Switching Programme, consumers are now able to change energy suppliers within 5 working days, meaning that all data, payment details and account information will be transferred much faster.



How does this work for AskTED?

Just like our competitors and other energy companies across the UK, AskTED is excited for our consumers to have access to better energy deals and a much more reliable and competitive energy Switching Programme.

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